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North Syracuse High School was built in 1925, with new sections being added to the back of the building in 1936. The high school was eventually transformed into Main Street Elementary School and contained Kindergarten thru Fifth Grade classes. The school closed at the end of the 1982-1983 school season. It remained closed for several years before it became an "Early Education Center", which it still is today (as of April 2007). 

The following photos are courtesy of Thomas Mafrici, the Cicero Town Historian. The first photo shows Main Street School in 1925, the second shows the attending students of that year. The two bottom photos show a program from 1936.

Main Street School also had a spectacular playground behind the building. There was a basketball court, a baseball (or kickball) field, monkey bars, a swinging horse, the thing that spins around (what was that thing called?), and the infamous happy-faced slide. All of these things have been removed and most of the playground is now a parking lot. I have no idea where the rest of the equipment is, but the slide has been found in the playground of the Budget Inn on South Bay Road in North Syracuse:

The rest of the photos on this page are from my personal family photo album.

For several years, Main Street School fifth grade students would perform a play (on the stage in the gymnasium) at the end of the school year. The following photos are from the play my brother's class performed in 1979, Alice In Wonderland:

Since mine was the last graduating class before the school was to close, both the fourth and fifth graders put on a spectacular performance of The Muppet Show as that year's play. Click the links below to view the program from that event, as well as my brother's 1979 Graduation Ceremony program. Remember, all of these programs were printed as "dittos", so the ink faded away quickly. I've tried to adjust the pictures as much as possible, but they're still a little hard to read.

Cover Of A Muppet Farewell Program
The Cast Of A Muppet Farewell
The Scene List From A Muppet Farewell
1979 Graduation Program Cover
1979 Graduation Program

By the way, if anyone has a video tape of either of these plays (or any Main Street School program) please send an e-mail to the address at the bottom of the page. I would love to get a copy of either of these performances! Anyway, here are the classic photos from The Muppet Show, performed by Main Street School's Class of 1983:


On July 27, 1995 (12 years after we "graduated" from the building) my friend John and I went for a walk thru the halls of Main Street School. Of course, I had my video camera with me. Here are a couple of clips from that trip:


Click on the links below to view some newspaper articles about Main Street School:

September 16, 1982 - Schools post unexpected low student censuses
September 28, 1982 - School's end apparently near
October 7, 1982 - It's all over but the closing of the building
April 14, 1983 - A dramatic goodbye to a school
April 1983 - Main Street show

Main Street School
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