"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-NBC Peacock Shop in Penn Can Mall commercial - November 1988-

Our commercial starts with Troy McCool modeling his new LA Law shirt. To make sure he looked his coolest, he had to make sure his "Ad-Rock" haircut was fluffed out just right and that his dope shades matched his shirt.

People then threw stuff at him. While they chose the NBC Sports shirt and Late Night with David Letterman hat, I think it would've been funnier if they threw some harder objects at him. The NBC Sports mug would've worked perfectly.

The camera then shows us what all of the fuss is about, The NBC Peacock Shop! Wendy Worker is embarrassed and hides her face from the camera.

Nick Studley gets all the girls by showing off his new NBC jacket. I'm not sure why we're in this mock-photo studio now. I guess we're supposed to believe that Nick and Jenn Mallhair are casually admiring each other's NBC outfit before they start their work.

Ahhh, finally! We see something that'll make "the kids" jump up and down and scream - an Alf shirt! Gordon Shumway sure had the right attitude. NO PROBLEM. I never found Alf funny, but I used to watch the show anyway. I think I just enjoyed making fun of the father on that show and trying to perfect my impression of him, "Oh....ALF...Knock...it....off!"

Choices, choices. The red Channel 3 Sports jacket or the blue Channel 3 Sports jacket? Darn you, Peacock Shop, I'll just have to take them both!

Now, I can believe they might have sold some Alf stuff or some Letterman stuff - but how many people are such huge fans of NBC Sports that they would want a darn hat to show their loyalty? How many kids asked Santa for an NBC teddy bear or a Peacock potholder? That's almost as stupid as trying to sell a Penn Can Mall hat or something! Oh, wait....uhh... I mean - cool stuff, isn't it?

The camera carefully zooms in on the Peacock key chain. It's just the thing you need to remind you to watch your favorite programs! If you pick up your keys to go somewhere, the Peacock reminds you that SOMETHING is still on NBC right now! Don't go outside...watch Channel 3....NOW!

Wendy Worker suggest that Joe Egghead purchase a lovely and talented NBC Sports hat to avoid a nasty sunburned melon. I received an e-mail from the producer of this commercial stating that "Joe Egghead" is actually Joe Ellis (well, I almost had the name right), former owner of Burger Haus! Notice Record Town in the background. If the camera had panned out a little more, they probably would've seen me browsing thru the KISS records for the bajillionth time.

Our commercial ends with all logos present and accounted for. When we first watched this commercial from the old tape, I was hoping that it would end with the Penn Can Mall jingle, "It's Happenin' Now At Penn Can Mall!". Of course, the jingle did not make an appearance in the commercial. Hopefully I'll come across it one of these days.

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