Syracuse New Times Archives

On December 18, 2015 I had the privilege of browsing through the archives of the Syracuse New Times. The New Times was first published in 1969, and nearly all of the past issues are located in a dusty attic above their offices. I could have easily spent an entire day looking through issues and taking pictures, but I only had about an hour to check everything out and take as many pictures as I could. I was overwhelmed just walking through the attic, even before I started looking through some issues. There were boxes and boxes and piles on top of piles.

There was also a couple of poster sized displays...

a door that lead to nowhere...

and a very impressive looking floor.

This leads me to the back issues. I took many pictures of issues from 1972 through 1989. You can click on any of these small pictures to see them full size.

June 29, 1972
Foods to help you live longer, Discount Records ad, WNYS TV9 schedule, current movies.

Covers from April 4, 1976 - May 30, 1976 - July 10, 1977 - July 24, 1977
Surveying the Syracuse Disco Scene, TV Reporters (featuring a young Rod Wood), NY NY Musical, The Eckel Building, KKK rally in CNY.

July 17, 1977
Ads for Star Wars & South Gate Inn, Syracuse Nightlife.

Covers from August 28, 1977 - September 25, 1977 - November 4, 1977 - December 25, 1977 - July 2, 1978 - July 16, 1978
Gay rights legislation in Onondaga County, urban homesteading coming to Syracuse, election 1977, Elvis Costello, Judge Sardino.

July 23, 1978
Grease movie, Genesis War Memorial concert ad, Star Wars ad.

Covers from July 30, 1978 - January 28, 1979 - January 29, 1988
Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Carrier Corporation, Armory Square.

September 10, 1978
Syracuse Night Fever, Downtown Syracuse Guide & Map

Disco Ads from November 26, 1978 - December 10, 1978 - December 17, 1978
Machine Shop Disco Tavern, Space Odyssey 2002

July 1, 1981
Athletes or Actors? - Article about pro wrestling

Ads for concerts & club shows from January 4, 1983 & September 9, 1987
KISS at the War Memorial, Suburban Park, Sam Kinison at Landmark Theater, Faster Pussycat at Lost Horizon

January 4, 1984
Ronald Reagan, Stray Cats at Landmark Theater, Suburban Park, Lost Horizon

November 21, 1984
NY Flyers at Lost Horizon, Fuoco's, Wendy's coming to Syracuse

May 31, 1989
Summer Times 89, Summer Concert Series at The Fairgrounds, The Allman Brothers Band

I'd like to thank David Armelino and everyone else at the Syracuse New Times for giving me access to their archives. I'm very grateful to have had the chance to browse through so much local history. As of writing this (12/20/15) David is currently working on an article about this site for the New Times. So, look for that to be coming out soon! I'm sure I will be posting all about it on this site's Facebook and Twitter pages (links below).

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