Syracuse Centennial Celebration Parade
Syracuse, NY - August 14, 1948
 Photos courtesy of Jason Beard

If anyone would like to leave a comment about any of these photos please go to the Guestbook or send me an e-mail. I am interested in stories behind the floats, the buildings, the statues, or the parade in general. I am particularly interested in finding out about the first and last pictures. I can not figure out what is in the cage in the first photo, and I'm unsure where those people are in the last picture. It looks like they're parked on some sort of bridge, but I have no idea where it is. Any information would be appreciated.

As far as I can figure out from a recent Google search, these pictures are being posted online for the first time here. If you repost them anywhere else, please give a link back to this site. Thank you!

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Syracuse 1948 Centennial Collector's Stamps

1948 Centennial Plaque
I believe this plaque was handed out to participants in the parade.

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