"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

These photos are from the Penn Can Mall 2002 "Dead Mall Tour" DVD. Click here to learn more about this DVD, and for information on how to order your own copy.
-May 21, 2002 - Part Ten - Bryant & Stratton, Graffiti & The Roof-

We left the back offices and headed over to Bryant & Stratton.

Looking into B&S, we noticed some rooms that resembled some sort of odd jail cells. I'm not sure what they held there, but it looks like the thing in the cell on the left must have escaped.

Heading around the corner, we entered some rooms that I assume used to be B&S classrooms. These rooms had apparently been the main "party rooms" for the hoodlums who broke into The Mall while it was closed. We found graffiti and garbage everywhere. While I appreciate the sentiment, I guess whoever wrote "Good Bye Penn Cann" must not have checked their spelling. For those who don't know, the Penn is for Pennsylvania and the Can (one "n") is for Canada. Next time I take a tour of an abandoned mall that's full of graffiti I'm going to bring in a white spray paint can to correct spelling errors.

I won't post pictures of all of the graffiti we saw, but I thought this one was amusing. This guy kind of looks like John when he was in high school (see the 6/30/89 Vintage Video Captures). He also reminds me of the "zebra man" from Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

And then there was light. While walking around the pitch black back rooms we saw light coming from somewhere and, feeling a bit like Carol Ann from Poltergeist, we were drawn to it. This was the door to the outside roof facing north. Our Tour Guide speculated that this is the way that most of the hoodlums broke into The Mall, noting the flimsy lock on the door.

Despite our Tour Guide's concerns about "getting caught", we had to open the door and step out onto the roof. This was the view looking straight when we opened the door. That's the top of the Funscape/Regal Cinema building in the background.

This was the view when we turned left. Note the old style parking lot lights. If we went further out on the roof and looked left we would have seen the former Marketplace Mall.

Venturing back inside, we found some interesting cultural references from the 80s. Those I Love NY stickers used to be everywhere. Also, as a (not so) interesting anecdote, I took the Pepsi Challenge in a "carnival" that took place on the Penn Can Mall parking lot. I enjoy both Coke and Pepsi, and can tell the difference between the two. So, of course, when I took the challenge I choose Coke on purpose just to upset the guy giving the test. He actually did look visibly upset and kept asking if I "was sure" after I gave my answer.

This is by far the coolest door I have ever seen. If this had been a poster we definitely would've added it to our growing collection of stuff but, of course, it was another one of those stickers that used space-age glue and could not be removed.

We were finally done exploring the upstairs level and started heading back to the main level. Here we are looking down upon the former "People Under The Stairs" store, Jo-Anns Nut House.

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