"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-2007 Mall Update-

I decided to take some recent pictures of The Mall for those people who no longer live in the Central New York area and were wondering what it now looks like. The above picture was taken in 2005 when I first started this site. The Clock was fully intact, and looked as I remembered it. I got quite a shock when I went there recently (February 2007) and saw this:

I have no idea what happened. There was no "under construction" or any such sign explaining why there was now an empty clock in the former Penn Can Mall. Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's look at the rest of the photos in order, shall we? This next picture is what the former huge silver Penn Can sign/structure has turned into (click here to see the original):

I know... I'm sorry all of that snow got in the way of the picture. Perhaps I'll go back on in the spring and get a clearer picture. In case you were wondering, that is a video screen (displaying all of the latest available automobiles) in the middle of the sign. Here is the view from my car driving thru what used to be the "Sears wing" of The Mall:

It was strange to be able to drive thru that area, knowing I would probably be in the Kay Bee Toy & Hobby store right then if it was 1989. Going straight toward this side of the mall, this was the "new" entrance (The Mall wings were demolished at the point where the stairs / ramps used to be):

Going inside, I noticed there was some odd shop near the clock and a train set behind one of the escalators. For some reason, this mall loves train sets. I can't remember a time that there wasn't some sort of train set in the mall.

I then went upstairs and into some of the back corridors. They didn't look much different than they did on my 2002 trip.

These next photos show what used to be the Loews Theatre area. The first is looking at the theatre entrance (notice the daft "Drivers Village" balloons hanging near the railing). In the second photo, I am standing in the back of the former Loews Theatre looking out toward the mall.

I almost forgot to mention that there were several kids dressed in Karate Kid outfits running around the upstairs hallway. They were part of a karate class that is now where (part of) Bryant & Stratton used to be. I have no real point for mentioning this, it was just sort of an odd sight to see. Moving on, I explored the area behind Carnegie Catering to find some very familiar pictures hanging on the wall:

Yes, there are photos printed from this very site hanging in the mall. They were printed by Chris Armstrong, who works at the catering company and has signed this site's Guestbook. The next set of photos are from the former "Chappell's Wing" of the mall. The first is looking toward where the food court used to be, and the second was taken after I walked about halfway down that hallway.

The picture on the above right also shows the "Syracuse Sports Hall Of Fame". There's plenty of jokes I could make here but I'll let you come up with your own. Here's a couple of closer pictures of the powerful and attractive SSHOF:

This next photo is the former site of the "wishing fountain" that I took a quarter out of in 1989 and got kicked out of the mall (see The Forum for the complete story). 

Here is one of the few things I found in Driver's Village that reminded me of the way The Mall used to be:

For the last photo, I'll leave you with a current map of the shopping center formerly known as Penn Can Mall:

I'll probably go back to The Mall and take some photos every once in awhile, just to let everyone see how it looks today. Once again, if anyone has any Penn Can Mall photos or stories they'd like to share please let me know (either in the Guestbook, The Forum, or the e-mail address below).

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