"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-Ham, John F., and Jeff L. go to The Mall - June 30, 1989-

Going to Cavages, possibly trying to find the new Vinnie Vincent Invasion tape.

John and I leaving Cavages, after being told to leave by some angry employee. I was as cool as you could get with my yellow and black Jams.

Walking past the benches and quickly past Charneys, trying to avoid the "creepy" guy that stares at everyone as they walk by.

Heading toward the infamous clock.

Before Ticketmaster, we had to go to Dictronics and look on the hand written pieces of paper on the wall to find out what concerts were coming up.

Looks like some pretty interesting shows coming up - Ozzy Osbourne, Beach Boys / Chicago, Willie Nelson and The Who.

One of the many stores that I walked by every day without even noticing, De Ja Vu. I also loved the square "bench areas".

Entering the food court!

Mike W. of Mannslaughter, a permanent fixture of the jewelry kiosk near Hills. He was always on that damn phone, and you could hear him laughing all the way down to the clock.

Going to Record Town, probably trying to get that Vinnie Vincent Invasion tape that the angry employee wouldn't let me get at Cavages.

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