"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-Ham & Jeff B. go to The Mall - December 3, 1988-

Our first stop was Record Town, when they actually had records. You gotta love the endless wall of tapes in the background too.

Right outside Record Town was the NBC Peacock Shop, where you could buy Channel 3 Sports or NBC News shirts. Just what any kid wants for Christmas.

We made our way to Cavages so I could look for the newest KISS 7" single, "Let's Put The X In Sex".

I'm waiting to buy the single from the cashier with the "New Wave" hairdo, hoping he won't criticize my selection and try to make me buy a Cure tape.

From there we head to the escalator. You could certainly tell it was Christmas time at Penn Can Mall.

Getting off of the escalator, we see All American Kitchen, Loews Cinema, and Carmel Corner. Notice the very "professional" looking Carmel Corner sign.

Going to Great Games, I make note of the "No Smoking" sign. Back then you could actually smoke in the mall, but not in the arcade!

Of course we found Jeff C. (of Greasy Feces fame) in Great Games! Where else? Rumor has it he had his own key to the place. There was also a petition to rename the arcade "Great Jeff".

Going back down the escalator, I stop to enjoy more of the lovely holiday decorations. Just how did they get those things way up on the ceiling?

Another shot coming down the escalator. The only thing that sucked about Christmas time at the mall was that damn train going around the clock, it prevented you from being able to sit down and "meet somebody at The Clock".

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