"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-Ham & Brian D. go to The Mall - November 29, 1989-

Entering The Mall near Hills and heading to Record Town. My usual routine was Record Town, Economy Book Store, Cavages, Great Games, then Food Court. Of course the schedule could vary, but that was the normal path.

Leaving Record Town we see Master Bedroom, Island Dog and the Mall Directory. During our 2002 Mall Tour, I actually tried to take the Mall Directory plastic insert sheet with the map on it but the "auto dealership" people wouldn't let me. I'm still not sure what they needed it for.

For something different, we actually came up the elevator to go to Great Games. I was surprised to find out that some "mall rats" didn't even know the elevator was there.

"Thank you for coming to Loews! Sit back and relax, enjoy the show!" Today our film choices are "Prancer" on screen 1, "The Bear" on screen 2, and screen 3 has "Future" written on the sign (which I assume is "Back To The Future Part 2").

Coming around the corner we see Carmel Corner, Locksmith and Mr. Tops. I was glad to see that Carmel Corner finally got a real sign and replaced the piece of cardboard they had on the other video tape.

Going down the stairs to see The Mall in the Christmas season again. Thankfully, the train going around The Clock is gone, but they still busted out those huge dangling light things.

Entering the Food Court with even more clues that the holidays are approaching. The "NOW OPEN - An Olde Fashioned Christmas" sign hangs above the "Santa City" arrow. Also, the garland hanging from the ceiling is a nice touch.

I set my video camera down on a table in the Food Court and accidentally left it on. So, this is what I filmed for about 10 minutes. I thought the used ash tray and the GNC store were an interesting combination. They didn't ban smoking in The Mall until January 1990.

Taking a rest on a bench in the middle of a hard day of hanging out at The Mall.

Michael's had all sorts of crap that you don't need. It was great. I bought several KISS belt buckles there. It was also the place where the Greasy Feces mascot "Bill The Cat" was purchased.

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