"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-Ham & Scott M. go to Pavones - October 18, 1991-

Coming into The Mall from the Hills wing, many of the stores are now empty and The Mall is no longer as packed as it used to be.

Scott being clever and filming both of us from the mirror in front of "Universal Gold & Silver". This part of the video reminds me of that classic footage of Big Foot walking through the woods (...just because of the way Scott was walking, I'm not suggesting he looked like Big Foot).

Entering one of the "forbidden hallways" of Penn Can Mall, the back door of Radio Shack is on the right.

Scott enters the "employees only" bathroom using the secret code (that all of us mall rats knew anyway), 3-1-5. If you didn't know the code, you had to travel all the way upstairs to use the bathroom, and who wants to make that back-breaking journey?

Scott filming himself in the mirror again. I included this picture to note the size of the video cameras we used to have to carry around. Now they're about the size of a thimble, but back then it was quite a workout hauling those things around.

We arrive at Pavones and ask Scott's sister Julie some dumb questions about our favorite pizza place -

Q: When you make pizza do you use your palms or your thumbs?
A: The tips of your fingers.
Q: How many pennies a day do you collect in the penny receptacle?
A: About 20, but then Cronk (Jeff, of Greasy Feces fame) comes down and steals them all.

Waiting patiently for Pavones to close so we could take whatever pizza was left over.

Looking toward the back of Pavones, we see someone we called Charlie Brown because he looked like that member of Leaders Of The New School.

Still making nuisances of ourselves waiting to get some pizza. Scott loved filming mirrors for some reason.

Shawn greets the customers, "Welcome to Pavones, would you like a slice?"

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