"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

These photos are from the Penn Can Mall 2002 "Dead Mall Tour" DVD. Click here to learn more about this DVD, and for information on how to order your own copy.
-May 21, 2002 - Part Two - Entering The Mall & Finding The Clock -

We entered Penn Can Mall thru the Chappell's entrance, so the first section we saw was the "newest wing" of The Mall.

I zoomed in closer on what used to be the infamous fountain that I took some quarters out of to play games (see the Forum for more on that story).

Following John and Mr. Auto Dealership thru The Mall, I tried to film everything I could. Some of the trees and plants were still alive but this one had been torn out.

For those good at Wheel Of Fortune, you can tell this used to be the Penn Can Mall Community Center. I don't know what was actually done here, but I would always pass this booth after eating at Pavones.

This construction on this section of The Mall had already begun. Behind my favorite light fixture would've been Pavones and Mr. Egg Roll.

OH SNAP! The Clock is down! How are they gonna do that to The Clock?! We came to find out that they were actually "restoring" The Clock and that it would be put back in it's proper place when they were done. We also found out that our very own Clock is some sort of classic time piece that is actually worth around $250,000.

Walking back into the center area of The Mall sure brought back a lot of memories! I couldn't believe that the "cinema style" decorations and some of the trees were still there.

I had John stand next to The Clock for perspective so we could tell how big it actually was (The Clock, not John).

Of course I had to get a picture next to The Clock as well. We have to be the only two mall rats to ever be able to touch The Clock and get their pictures taken next to it. You know you jealous, don't be playa hatin'!

I also had to sit down and pretend to be "meeting someone at The Clock" for one last time.

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