"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

These photos are from the Penn Can Mall 2002 "Dead Mall Tour" DVD. Click here to learn more about this DVD, and for information on how to order your own copy.
-May 21, 2002 - Part Three - Chappell's Wing & Center Of The Mall-

Now I'm going to go back in the footage a bit and show some of the store fronts I filmed on the way in. Here is Claire's Boutiques in the Chappell's wing.

Here's a store that, for some reason, I don't remember at all - Hillary's (is it Hillary's Chocolate's?), also in the Chappell's wing.

The infamous Cavages sign. If I could've I would've taken this sign down, thrown it on John's back, and ran out with it. However, we were just starting our trip and I didn't want it to end quite yet.

Ahh, Carmel Corner. I don't think I ever got a snack here. I thought it was kind of odd to place a popcorn store right outside the movie theater. The last thing I want after eating a tub of snacks at a movie is More Popcorn!

Looking up the escalator to see the McCarthy Associates sign. I don't think that Elevator sign was there when The Mall was open.

I had to go enjoy the "Otis" sign on the escalator. Don't ask why (it's a long story), but to this day I still think "Otis, because I know this..." whenever I get on an escalator.

Under the escalator was Universal Gold & Silver, another store that I passed every day without even thinking about.

Finally, we find something we can take! The old cardboard "Universal Gold & Silver" sign became the first of many bits of Penn Can Mall memorabilia that we took home that day.

The front of the place where we spent most of our teenage years, Great Games.

The front of the place where we spent none of our teenage years, Jamaican Sun. We could never understand why people would spend money to try and get suntans when we would go out of our way to try and avoid the sun.

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