"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-2002 "Dead Mall Tour" DVD Available-

Finally, I am making the 2002 "Dead Mall Tour" footage available on DVD (the front and back covers are pictured above). Click here to view the first in a series of pages with video captures taken from this DVD, as well as my own commentary about the experience. Posted below is a trailer I made recently for the DVD:

This DVD is only $20, which includes tax and shipping (within the U.S.). Click on the button below to securely order online using PayPal. To order with a check or money order, or for more information about the DVD, please send an e-mail to ham@syracusenostalgia.com. Please note that it is a DVD-R format disc. This video contains strong language so you must be at least 18 to order. Thank you! Money made from the sale of this DVD will be used to pay for the cost of running this site.

Reviews of the DVD:

"I really enjoyed this DVD!! I am so glad that someone made it and we still have that part of the mall at least, and the memories!! I was white knuckling it for a bit when the guy filming found the open door and had the moral dilemma about going it! Thank you oh mighty construction workers for allowing entry for this DVD to have been made! Absolutely loved it!!!" - Jeanette Bova - Camillus, NY

"The "Return to the Penn Can Mall" DVD is a genuine, nostalgia trip that is funny, entertaining and insightful. I was curious about the unedited nature of this project, half expecting shaky camera work and dull spots. Truthfully, the camera work was fine and I was never bored. With each former store entered, I was just as excited as Ham and Jon to see what would be found. This "movie" has a natural flow that climaxes with the resolution of decade old argument between friends over the identity of a beloved restaurant. Bottom line: Well worth the 20 bucks if you ever spent time in Penn Can Mall and miss it." - Patrick Baker - Baldwinsville, NY

"Even if you've never been to Penn Can Mall, you'll easily relate to the adventures of two late-twentysomething Ex-Mall Rats revisiting the scenes of their teen years! I'm reminded of Springsteen's "My Hometown" and The Pretenders "My City was Gone" as the boys reminisce, argue, and explore the ruins of the climate-controlled Camelot of their youth." - Mike Warden - Melbourne, KY

"...so much fun to watch; it was like being in a time machine, just listening to all the fascinating stories!" - Courtney Angell - Fulton, NY

"... just got done watching Dead Mall Video, Awesome.... great job..." - Mike Murphy - Central Square, NY

"Interesting video. Its nice you were able to film so much, even areas most people have never seen. Well done!" - Jon Schadle - Grand Rapids, MI

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Click here to order both the Penn Can Mall Alive! DVD and the 2002 Dead Mall Tour DVD for only $30.  Back to Penn Can Mall main page

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