"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-Hanging Out At The Mall with Don Stroup-

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As you can see on the title of this page, these photos were sent in by former mall rat Don Stroup. In this one, Chad is happy to be hanging out in front of Small Wonder.

Here we see Don himself sitting on the steps in front of Loews Theatre. Notice he's got your basic Mall Rat Of The 80s wardrobe on - jeans, rock t-shirt, leather jacket, and boots (sneakers would also be acceptable). By the way, I still wear this same outfit when I go to a mall today.

Don and his friends Phil and Nancy enjoyed hanging out in one of the many "park-like" rest areas that The Mall had to offer.

Here we see Gal and Don's brother Dan posing for a photo on Loews steps. Notice Gal is holding a cigarette. These pictures are from the early 80s, when you could still smoke in The Mall.

This is Nancy and Gal in a photo that's a bit off center (hey, this was before digital cameras - you couldn't tell how it turned out until days later). I think they both have an early version of what was later called "mall hair".

Either they enjoyed hanging out on those steps, or it was just a good place to take a picture. It's too bad there weren't movie posters in the background, it would've been interesting to see what was playing that day.


Here we see the whole crew hanging out on the theatre's steps. I'd like to thank Don for sending in these great "Mall Rat" photos! If anyone else has any photos of themselves at The Mall that they'd like to share, please send them to the e-mail address below.


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