"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

These photos are from the Penn Can Mall 2002 "Dead Mall Tour" DVD. Click here to learn more about this DVD, and for information on how to order your own copy.

-May 21, 2002 - Part 11 - Heading To The Hills Wing-

Before heading back downstairs, we took one last look at the CARMEL CoRNER sign. 

As we started to head back down the stairs, I got reminded of how much I hated walking down the stairs (as opposed to using the escalator). As a kid, it just seemed really dangerous for some reason.

It looks like someone held the handrail a little too tight.

Still accompanied by our Tour Guide, we crossed the CAUTION tape and headed toward the Hills Wing.

This entire wing of The Mall (as well as the Sears wing) would soon be demolished in order to extend the parking lot so more vehicles could be displayed.

I don't think I ever went into Rios. I'm not even sure what they sold.

I loved the way this was set up. You could either walk down the stairs, down the ramp, or (if you were one of the cool kids) along the edge of the divider. The ramp was also a good place to do a tumbling "comedic fall". On one particularly messy occasion, I was carrying a large Pavones beverage which spilled everywhere. Of course the trick is to then get up and either act like nothing happened or look back and act angry at the ramp, like it tripped you or something.

This was Dictronics, which was the local Ticketron outlet. We would often wait in line in the hallway on the left for several hours hoping to get good concert tickets.

This is the view standing on the edge of the ramp divider, facing away from Dictronics.

Turning around we see the hallway next to Dictronics and my favorite set of water fountains.

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