"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

These photos are from the Penn Can Mall 2002 "Dead Mall Tour" DVD. Click here to learn more about this DVD, and for information on how to order your own copy.

-May 21, 2002 - Part 12 - Exploring The Hills Wing-

I believe this was the front of Charney's. 

While some of the trees and plants survived, those in this dirt patch clearly did not.

Here we see, from left to right - Hills, Master Bedroom, and Island Dog.

I started to head into what was left of Lens Crafters and Record Town.

This is the back of Record Town looking toward the back door. The floor and walls had certainly seen better days.

I went thru the back of Record Town into Lens Crafters.

Coming out of Lens Crafters.

Here is a good shot of those cool little phone booths that were in the middle of the walkways.

We started heading back to the clock. Click here to see similar video captures of this area from my 1989 video tape.

Here's a closer shot of my favorite water fountains. I would always use the bigger one, it made me feel taller.

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