"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

These photos are from the Penn Can Mall 2002 "Dead Mall Tour" DVD. Click here to learn more about this DVD, and for information on how to order your own copy.

-May 21, 2002 - Part 14 - Further Exploring The Sears Wing-

For some reason, Foot Locker was just filled with junk.

Here is the inside of Foot Locker.

More of the signs in this wing seemed to be intact than in the other wing. Once again, our Tour Guide told us that they weren't doing much with the outer wings because they were going to be completely demolished anyway.

Here is the front of the store that used to confuse me, So-Fro Fabrics.

Another store I don't think I ever went in, St. Clairs. 

The lovely carpeting at CVS was still intact.

I guess I was wrong about there being no trees in this wing. However, these trees were not quite as green as I remembered them.

When we walked in CVS we found a lot of old poster advertisements were still on the walls.

Here's the other wall in CVS, encouraging you to light up in the mall.

I had to get a close-up on one of the last remaining (almost) intact Penn Can Mall stickers.

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