"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

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These photos were all sent in by Mike Hepp, who got them from his father, David Hepp. David was a long time employee of Penn Can Mall, click here to read an article from the Post Standard about him. This is a photo taken from a helicopter on May 11, 1974 before The Mall was built and Sears was the only store on the property.

This photo of The Clock was from the grand opening in 1976. You can also click on all of these photos to see a larger version of the pictures.

These rest of the photos on this page are from 1976, as you can tell by the way many of the people are dressed. Baskin Robbins was obviously a popular stop at The Mall back then.

Hickory Farms was a store I vaguely remember being in The Mall. Notice the "Spirit of 76" banner hanging above the store's name.

Hoppe Office Supply, like many other companies in the 70s, was not shy in it's use of the colors orange and yellow.

Ahh, Pavones Pizza! Still my favorite pizza place. Here, finally, is a good photo showing the front of Pavones. Can you believe that, thru all of my video tapes, there was not one good shot of the front of Pavones?

Radio Shack was one of the few stores that was in The Mall for almost the whole time it was open. On a side note, did you ever notice that most pictures from the 70s have curved corners?

The original Penn Can Mall road sign, this was along the side of Circle Drive.

The entrance to Sears, which is now Office Max and Burlington Coat Factory.

The store with the cleverly designed logo, Ups N Downs. I'd like to thank Mike and David Hepp again for sharing these photos and allowing me to put them on the site. I've received many more photos from Mike and will be putting the rest of them up soon.

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