"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-Classic photos sent in by Mike Hepp - page 5 -

Mike has just sent me many more photos from 1976, so I'm going to get one of my trusty Mall Maps and take a little simulated walk thru The Mall. I'll start off by coming in the north side of The Mall (the wing where Hills would be built in 1983). I look back off to my right to see Fuleihan's. I have no desire to enter but I can't believe a store can be so pink.

I continue walking and up to my left I see Altier's Shoes. I love those wooden entrances. I'm not sure why someone seemingly took pictures of every store in 1976, perhaps it was for some sort of advertising flyer or something. Whatever the reason, I'm glad they did!

Next to Altiers Shoes I see Earring Tree. This is where my friend John and I got our ears pierced in 1989. It was such a "rebellious" thing to do back then, I remember getting hassled by one of my teachers about it. She asked me, "What's next, are you going to start doing drugs?". Yes, obviously, ear rings lead to drugs! Bracelets lead to misbehaving, necklaces lead to swearing and ear rings lead to drugs. Everyone knows that. Duh! 

I take a left to go into the Food Court, seeing the line of people waiting to enjoy a Bavarian Pretzel. Again, you can click on any of these photos to see them in their original, large size.

Carousel Snacks doesn't look too busy. Wait a minute... "Carousel" Snacks? Shouldn't it be Penn Can Snacks?

A New York State Fair favorite, Villa Pizza Fritte was up next on my left. I hope those girls are planning to turn left soon or they're going to walk right into that wall.

I then turn around and start walking out of the Food Court and see Burgher Haus on my left. What is the difference between a burger and a Burgher, exactly?

Next to Burgher Haus was Rudolph, which later became Kay Jeweler.

Looking straight across Center Court, I see Fanny Farmer. Of course, this store name was hilarious to many youngsters. Just change the "m" to a "t" and you have some classic 5th grade humor!

On my way to the escalator I see Shaw's Keepsake Diamond Center, which was soon to become Wilson Jewelers.

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