"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-Classic photos sent in by Mike Hepp - page 6 -

Continuing my 1976 tour, I head to the Upper Level and go to the Play Palace (which would turn into Great Games many years after this photo was taken). I'm not sure what games could be in here besides Pong and Pinball. This was taken many years before Pac-Man, Asteroids, Centipede, etc. It would also be quite some time before I would become the Universal Ms. Pac-Man Champion.

On my way to the Down Escalator I pass Merle Norman Cosmetics.

After coming down the escalator and heading toward the Sears wing, I look back at Lerner Shops. I think they had more mannequins than actual people in the store.

Right after Lerner Shops is Bakers Shoes.

I look straight down the hallway toward Sears to be asked by the electronic sign "Puzzled about what to get her for Christmas?". I hope an answer followed and they weren't just asking random questions.

A little further down the hallway is Casual Corner. Don't forget to click on any of these pictures if you want to see them larger than life.

Right after Casual Corner was every kids favorite store, Toy & Hobby Shop (later called Kay Bee Toy & Hobby).

Right across from the toy store was Kinney Shoes. Hmm, I kind of like this "walk-thru" idea. Maybe when I receive all of the 1976 photos from Mike I should go thru and put them all in "Mall Order". I should, but it's such a huge undertaking that I probably won't any time soon.

Further down the hallway on the left is Barbara Moss, or should I say barbara moss?

Here's another shot looking down at Sears. Thanks again to Mike and David Hepp for sharing these great pictures, and also to whoever took these pictures in the first place! According to Mike, there's still more to come!

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