"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-Classic photos sent in by Mike Hepp - page 7 -

This page consists of more photos from 1976, this is another from the inappropriately named shoe store, Bakers. Once again, click on any of these pictures to see them full size.

Here's another store that was there for almost the entire life of The Mall, B Dalton Bookseller.

Guys with blue shirts enjoy caramel corn.

This picture is most likely from 1976. By the time I started frequenting The Mall in the 80s, I don't think that bench area near the clock was there. Also, notice that the Cinema does not yet have it's marquee. 

I always wondered why there were so many plants and trees in The Mall. I've come to find out, thru some of the Newspaper Articles I found, that the designers were trying to make The Mall have a "park-like setting". I also wonder how so many of the plants were able to survive after being constantly watered with an assortment of carbonated beverages. 

Shouldn't this have been called "Cicero Optical World"? 

Scuderi. That's fun to say out loud. Scuderi. Anyway, this guy with the mustache looks like he's on his way to smack the person with the camera.

I always enjoyed the large shoe outside of The Sporting Foot 2. I never knew what a "sporting foot" was, exactly. It sounds like some sort of foul ailment one would get on their foot after "sporting" for too long. 

I know this picture is a bit dark, but I just wanted to include it for the sake of having a complete visual history of The Mall in 1976. Was there actually a person named "Thom" that owned this store? 

According to Mike, Yarborough Square was a store that had wicker furniture and home decorations. I don't remember this store at all, I don't think it was in The Mall for very long.

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