"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-Classic photos sent in by Mike Hepp - page 8 -

The Mall also had it's socially conscious side. You have to wonder, though - why didn't they just hold onto the missing kid who wrote "find me!" on this sign while he was there? 

I assume most of the photos on this page are from the early 80s. Also, you know the deal, click on any photo to see as large as can be.

Ah yes, the long walk to The Mall offices. My first memory of this place was when I got escorted to the office (and subsequently "kicked out" for a year) for stealing a quarter from the fountain. See the Forum for the complete, in depth story. After that, the next time I would see these offices would be on my 2002 tour, when everything was thrown about and destroyed.

The next couple of pictures are from one of The Mall's many infamous sidewalk sales. I'm not sure why they called them "sidewalk" sales, there technically are no sidewalks in a mall.

It was always chaotic at these sidewalk sales. I wonder if the guy in the plaid made his kid wear the same shirt so he'd be easier to find.

Yes, this picture was definitely taken in the 80s, judging by some of those shirts on the rack and by the yellow outfit worn by this sidewalk shopper.

The next couple of pictures are of various Penn Can Mall office employees from the mid-80s. If anyone in these pictures (or any of the photos on this site) sees these pictures feel free to post a comment on the Guestbook or Forum

The Mall hired Bob Geldof for a short period of time. Just kidding, of course. This guy does have quite a mess on his hands, though. 

Why did everyone have such large glasses in the 80s?

This woman proudly stands in front of the promotional poster for Jerry Mathers appearance in 1984. Here is the newspaper article about that appearance.

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