"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-Classic photos sent in by Mike Hepp - page 9 -

The first six pictures on this page are from the infamous Robutler appearance from 1985. I found this ad when I searched the Syracuse newspaper archives. As you'll see, the Robutler is not quite as cute as he appears in this drawing. Click on the ad (and all the photos) to see it full size.

Robutler makes his appearance up the ramp on the north side of The Mall. 

As Robutler gets closer to the camera, we see how odd and frightening he really looks. I'm not sure what Robutler was, or what he was supposed to do, or why he was at The Mall. Was he really a "butler"? If that was the case, they should've just put him to work in the food court.

Robutler shakes the hand of a mall employee, just seconds before he zaps her away into oblivion! All of the children look on, hyp-no-tized by his piercing stare. 

Funny thing is, this is exactly the kind of annoyed face that snobby jewelry store employees make when I walk into their stores.

Here we see more kids being hyp-no-tized by Robutler. Personally, I would've liked to see him try to climb up those stairs.

This is the last in the Robutler series of photos. Rumor has it Robutler has since retired from the "Mall Appearance" circuit and is now working as an assistant to Yo-Yo Ma.

The last three photos on the page are from some sort of fashion show from the 80s.

Strange that someone would take this picture during the fashion show. I wonder if it was taken by accident. 

I can't believe these fashion shows drew such huge crowds. I think more people were drawn to the lovely streamers hanging from The Clock than to the fashion show.

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