"It's happenin' now at Penn Can Mall!"

-Classic photos sent in by Mike Hepp - page 11 -

Here are a couple more pictures in the Robutler series. Click on any photos on this page to make them full size.

This was taken right before Robutler ran into those two youngsters and knocked them off their perch.

Robutler was heading over to try and talk with the mannequin with the shades.

Once again, Robutler frightens the kids. 

The rest of the pictures on this page are from 1976. I don't remember this sign on being on Circle Drive at all, it must've been gone by the time I started going to The Mall in the 80s.

The guy in the brown jacket would fit in perfectly with a group of Emo Kids, he's already got the mandatory hairdo.

A great photo to show not only The Mall, but the fashions of the 70s. Furry collars and plaid pants were apparently "in" that year.

The first thing I thought when I saw this photo was, "Now, that's colorful"!

Make sure those trees get plenty of light, you don't want them to get any "Barbara Moss". Ok, I'm sorry... that was a bad one.

Here's another very colorful, very 70s yellow photo. That's strange, I never knew Denby's was once upstairs.

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