Shoppingtown Mall

Shoppingtown Mall was the first major shopping center that was built in the Syracuse area. It is located in the town of DeWitt, which was named after its founder, Joyce DeWitt of TV's Three's Company*. Shoppingtown was first built as an outdoor strip plaza in March 1954, and has gone thru many changes over the years. The strip plaza was torn down in 1974 and rebuilt into an indoor mall, which opened in August 1975. Shoppingtown Mall underwent a major renovation in 1991, and celebrated its "Grand Re-Opening" in August of that year. As of writing this (May 2007), Shoppingtown Mall is planning yet another major renovation. For a more detailed history of the mall, please check out the newspaper articles near the bottom of the page.

Click here to see an aerial view of Shoppingtown Mall from December 1987.

The above picture, as well as all of the following photos from 1990 are courtesy of Mike Hepp. This first group of pictures are of the second floor of the mall, in the area which would now be right above the movie theaters:

The next group of photos are from the soon to be demolished "Sears Wing", also taken in 1990:

The following photos of the outside of the mall are from January 2007:

I took the following photos of the soon to be demolished Sears Wing in February 2007:

The following photo looking down on the theater was also taken in February 2007:

The following video is a CW6 News Report about the upcoming mall renovation taped on January 23, 2007. Note - over 2 and a half years later, this renovation still has not happened.

The following commercials originally aired, from left to right,  in 1986, 1990, 1991, 1991, and 1992:


Click on the links below to view some newspaper articles about Shoppingtown Mall:

March 4, 1953 - New Center Called 'Shoppingtown'
April 19, 1953 - Presenting 46-acre Shoppingtown
May 3, 1953 - 35 Local Firms To Help Construct Shopping Center
August 7, 1975 - Part 1 - The following pages are from a 7 page special celebrating the opening of the new indoor mall. Some of the files are very large.
August 7, 1975 - Part 2
August 7, 1975 - Part 3
August 7, 1975 - Part 4
August 7, 1975 - Part 5
August 7, 1975 - Part 6
August 7, 1975 - Part 7
August 22, 1991 - Part 1 - The following pages are from an "Advertising Supplement" in the newspaper promoting the mall's "Grand Re-Opening". Once again, some of these files are very large.
August 22, 1991 - Part 2
August 22, 1991 - Part 3
August 22, 1991 - Part 4
August 22, 1991 - Part 5
August 22, 1991 - Part 6
August 22, 1991 - Part 7
August 22, 1991 - Part 8
August 22, 1991 - Part 9
August 22, 1991 - Part 10
August 22, 1991 - Part 11
August 22, 1991 - Part 12
August 22, 1991 - Part 13

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* The Joyce DeWitt statement was a joke. I've had quite a few sites copy my work word for word (on the Penn Can Mall site & this site), and I'm just doing a little test to see if they'll copy this paragraph without checking the facts. I don't mind if someone uses my photos or information, just please give me credit and a link.