CXtec - The Former Switz's Building

On October 20, 2016 the folks at CXtec were nice enough to allow me into their building in North Syracuse to take some pictures. The building is, of course, the famous "castle" style building that was occupied by Switz's Variety Store from 1984 to 1993. While the outside of the building still looked a lot like it did when "Switz's" was written across the front instead of "CX", the inside looked completely different. If I had been blindfolded and taken into this building (yes, a likely scenario) I would not have known I was in the former Switz's castle.

Almost everything has been changed. Since it is now an office, it was not surprising to see cubicles everywhere. I was surprised to see that the ceiling was not as high as I remembered. Also there was now a stairway leading downstairs from the main level. I did not know that Switz's even had a basement but, apparently, they had used it for storage. I had hoped some old Switz's items still remained in the storage area but they did not. The only Switz's items found in CXtec were a few framed photos and a shopping bag.

I had never seen those pictures before, so it was quite a nice surprise finding them there. It also seems like we always had several of those bags laying around the house when I was a kid.

I'd like to thank the nice folks at CXtec for allowing me into their business to wander around and take some pictures. It seems like the Switz's building is one of the last few North Syracuse area landmarks that is still standing from my childhood. It was great to be able to walk into that familiar entrance again.

Oh, one last thing. Oscar The Ogre has seemingly disappeared. He was sold at an auction by Switz's in the early 1990s to someone in Cicero, who then sold it at an auction in the early 2000s. No one seems to know where he is currently residing. So, until he is found, the closest we will get to a current picture of him is this large cardboard cutout made by one of the CXtec employees at a recent fundraiser.

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