Syracuse - Part 1

These pages will feature Syracuse, NY, landmarks that don't have their own page, due to the fact that I don't have very many pictures of them at the moment. If you'd like to contribute any photos to the site please send an e-mail to the address at the bottom of the page.


Albino's Warehouse was located in the area that is now occupied by Babies R Us near Carousel Mall in Syracuse, NY. In the late 1980s almost all of the local bands rented out a practice room at Albino's. On February 21, 1990 there was a fire that destroyed Albino's, also destroying many of the local bands' equipment as well. It was speculated at the time that the new owner of Albino's had intentionally started the fire, wanting to sell the property to the upcoming Carousel Mall. These pictures are from a 1989 video tape. The video clip is, obviously, from this same tape. It includes one of my friends running around Albino's trying to be funny and making stupid comments. Please don't take anything he says seriously, and turn your speakers off if you are offended by foul language. I also have a local news report about the Albino's fire on tape, but I haven't been able to find it yet. As soon as I do, I will post it here.

UPDATE: I've found my tape of the news reports about the Albino's fire. I've posted this clip after the 1989 clip below. These news reports were taped on February 22, 1990 (the day after the fire).



The Penfield Building is located on North Salina Street, near Carousel Mall. It is infamous for being the huge building with the house on top. A picture of the house was included in the book Weird NY. Contrary to some rumors (including one in Weird NY), that is not an actual house. The company that owned the building before Penfield built the shell of a house to "attract attention". For more information, click here to see a newspaper article about Penfield and the house.


Perhaps inspired by the Penfield building, The Body Shop decided to put a fake car on top of its building. The Body Shop is only about a block away from the Penfield building.


Wolf Inn was opened by Nick Fuoco after his first bar, Fuoco's Hideaway (I'm looking for old photos of Fuoco's, so if anyone has some please send an e-mail to the address at the bottom of the page), closed. Wolf Inn was located, strangely enough, on Wolf Street in Syracuse. Of all of the local places for bands to play in Syracuse, Wolf Inn would probably have to be the most foul. The following photos are from 2006, when the building was being "renovated".


The following photo was taken from North McBride Street in Syracuse and was sent in by Les Lane.

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