WSYR TV3 Total News

Complete Broadcast (audio only)

Syracuse, NY - December 24, 1972

-original audio recording courtesy of Jason Beard-

As you can see from the title above, this page features a complete local television news broadcast, including commercials, from 1972. Only the audio portion of this broadcast exists. I have split this recording into four parts and uploaded it to YouTube. The news team at the time featured Jerry Barshia (sp?) as the main anchor, Bill Everett on weather, and Dave Cohen on sports.

Part One

Part one starts with the introduction of the news team, followed by commercials for Grants and Exxon (who were changing their name from Esso). Also included are reports from Hancock Airport and the Everson Museum.

Part Two

Part two includes commercials for Fays Drugs, Sam Dell Dodge, Shoppingtown and Fairmount Fair Mall. News reports discussed include a look at local shopping centers (Shoppingtown, Dey Brothers, Cooks Discount Stores, etc.), Assumption Church mass on Christmas, and Frank DiMarco's nativity scene on Butternut Street.

Part Three

Part three includes the weather report, sports (NHL Hockey & SU Orangemen), and commercials.

Part Four

Part four features commercials, a recap of the top stories, and a visit from Santa Claus.

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