WNYS Channel 9 News Clip - 1972

The following video clip is so old and rare that I felt it deserved its own page. This was originally on a 2" video reel donated by Rod Carr, pictured above in a 1969 WNYS promotional photo. I was unable to find any place locally to have the video converted to a watchable format, so I had to send it away to a company that does that sort of work. I didn't know what would be on the video, other than Rod telling me that it was from his "last newscast" on WNYS (Channel 9 News in Syracuse, NY) in 1972. When I finally did transfer the video, I found out that it was approximately 6 minutes of uncut, great quality footage. I did not expect a video over 36 years old to be in such good quality. I was happy to find out that a couple of commercials were included (one featuring a young Bette Midler selling P&R Macaroni). I was also a little surprised by some of the uhhh..., "non-politically correct" comments made during the piece about drug use. I won't go into detail here, but you'll see what I mean.

I'd like to thank Rod Carr for donating this great piece of historical footage to the site. If anyone has any old footage (before 1995) of local commercials, shows or news broadcasts please send an e-mail to theaudacityny@lycos.com . Thank you!

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