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Cinema North

Cinema North was a single screen theater in Mattydale Shopping Center (also called K-Mart Plaza) that opened on December 25, 1965. It was originally owned by Slotnick Enterprises, and was sold to Dan Martini of the Danlin Corporation in December 1988. The theater closed in 1990 and was demolished on August 1, 2017. The pictures below were taken in 2007. I took the photo on the right through a slightly open door on the side of the building.


I took some footage that a friend of mine filmed inside the abandoned theater along with footage I filmed of the building's destruction and set it to the tune of an appropriate song by Styx.

Hollywood Theater

The Hollywood Theater on Brewerton Road opened in January 1934 and was originally owned by Myer Kliman. The theater remained in the Kliman family until Myer's granddaughter, Melva Klayman (and her husband Albert) sold it to Conrad Zurich in 1966. The first picture below (courtesy of the North Syracuse Historian) was taken in the 1950s and shows the view looking north from the intersection of Brewerton Road and East Molloy Road. The Hollywood sign can be seen in the background. The second photo was taken in 2006.

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