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Cicero - North Syracuse High School


Construction on the Cicero High School in Cicero, NY, was completed in January 1969, with classes opening in September of that year. In 1983 the building was renamed Cicero-North Syracuse (or C-NS) High School because of rezoning of students which was partly caused by the closing of Main Street Elementary School. This was also the same year that the school's sports teams started to be called the "Northstars".

The following yearbooks are from (in order) 1984, 1986, 1988, 1989 and 1990.


Look closely on the name in the lower right corner of the 1990 yearbook. I'll bet you didn't know that Ace Frehley of KISS went to C-NS in 1990. Rumor has it he came back to take some Regents Level P.I.G. (Participation In Government) classes. I'm kidding, of course. That was my yearbook. When I ordered it they asked me what name I wanted to have printed on the cover. When I found out I didn't have to use my own name, I wrote down Ace Frehley. It caused quite a bit of confusion when they went to pass out the yearbooks months later.

The following photos were from the "Halloween" section of the yearbooks. The first two are from the 1988 yearbooks (Halloween 1987) and the last one is from the 1989 yearbook (Halloween 1988).


I love some of the more culturally relevant costumes - Blackie Lawless from WASP, The Blues Brothers, Pee Wee Herman, Freddie Krueger, a carrot (?), etc.

Next up are some video clips that were filmed by two different friends of mine. I'm including them to show how the school looked back then. The first one was filmed on June 9, 1989. This clip starts off as the student leaves a class on the first floor, goes to his locker, and then heads out to the "smoking lounge". This was basically just the front area of the school, not exactly what I would call a "lounge" at all.

Speaking of the "smoking lounge", the school security staff would always be hanging out there as well. And by "school security staff" I mean an older gentleman named Gordy. Here he is with his trademark orange jacket and outer space hat:


This next video was filmed in October 15, 1991. The student who taped this got kicked out of one of his classes and just walked around the school for the rest of the period, filming a good portion of the school.

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