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Episode 14 - Josh Jeanneret - Part 1 of 2

“Syracuse Nostalgia Podcast – Episode 14” features part one of a two part interview with 2CW owner Josh Jeanneret. 2CW (Squared Circle Wrestling), a Syracuse based company, was one of the most popular and influential independent wrestling organizations in the country. They operated for 10 years and held their last show in 2015. In part one of the interview Brian Hamilton and Bob Staffa talk with Josh about pro wrestling’s connection to Syracuse throughout the 80s and 90s – including Jimmy Snuka’s arrest in 1983 at a Syracuse hotel and Shawn Michaels’ assault at Club 37 in North Syracuse in 1995 (Josh drove Shawn to the club that night). They also discuss the “feud” between their two Syracuse area cable access wrestling shows in the 1990s (Brian and Bob were in UWA and Josh was in CWF) and the events that led Josh to form 2CW.

Episode 14 - Josh Jeanneret 1 of 2 (part one)Syracuse Nostalgia Podcast
00:00 / 37:49
Episode 14 - Josh Jeanneret 1 of 2 (part two)Syracuse Nostalgia Podcast
00:00 / 27:44
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