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The Fergerson Family

Text and photos on this page by Fred Fergerson of the Fergerson Funeral Home.

The Fergerson family is one, if not the oldest family, in the Village of North Syracuse. They settled here in 1826 on the same land they still live on, in what is now the village center. The following pictures are of 209 South Main Street which was part of the original Fergerson farm lot which was divided among the fourth generation's children. The family also had extensive land holdings in Cicero, Clay, West Monroe, and Baldwinsville. Many local streets are named after them. Bill Fergerson V.P. of Fergerson Funeral Home is part of the 7th generation to carry on the line.


The Fergerson home took over two years to build. The newer rear addition was completed in 1989. It is the home of Fred, Pat, Bill and Vicky Fergerson. The house was a wedding gift from Fred’s great-grandfather to Fred’s grandparent’s, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred C. Fergerson. This is a picture of the newlyweds on their new porch in 1908.


This picture was taken during the period when Main Street was known as the Plank Road. The child in the picture was born in 1911. The house changed over the years and at one time was a tourist home during the depression (1930’s).


Here’s another view with a picture of one of the first cars in North Syracuse. Fred’s grandfather was behind the steering wheel of the period Cadillac. This picture was a post card in the early 1900’s.


This picture is of the house in 1939 when teachers from the school next-door roomed with the Fergersons. The awnings were installed for Fred’s aunt Esther Fergerson's wedding to Henry Galloway that year. During World War II the awnings were replaced by the Flag of the United States.

This is a photo of one of my grandfather's farms ( he had several) this one near Cicero Center (Fergerson Rd.and Rt. 31). The next photo is of his workers after a harvest. Alfred C. is the 3rd from the right in the front.


This is my great-great grandfather's house which located kitty corner across the street from our house. A close-up of the folks on the front porch follows. Sam Fergerson has the beard. He was the second generation to live on the land. The horse tie up in front of the house is now behind the carriage house next to the funeral home.


Here is another view of North Syracuse from the air taken in 1932 (from the Syracuse papers) It shows the old trolley tracks which were to become South Bay Road. Also you can clearly see the NS Cemetery in the middle. Our house is in front on the Rt. 11 side.


A photo of my grandfather in a "cart before the horse" (he's the one with dark glasses). This was taken on Main near Chestnut St. Note the gas station in the background.

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