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Marketplace Mall


Marketplace Mall opened as an indoor mall in Cicero, NY, on October 31, 1984. Connected to the mall as stand-alone stores were Service Merchandise, Price Chopper, Fays, and Fashion Bug (among others). The mall underwent several changes over the years, and the main part of the mall was closed by the mid-1990s. The most recent, and drastic, change occurred in the early 2000s when almost all of the buildings were destroyed and Price Chopper built a new store where the main section of the mall had been located. Also, several restaurants and smaller stores have been built in the area formerly occupied by the original Price Chopper.

The pictures below were taken from video tapes from 1989. The first photo below shows the view of the mall as we were walking over from Penn Can Mall. The next three photos show some of the various stand-alone store fronts. The last two photos were included because they're the only ones I have that include (quite blurry) pictures of the Marketplace Mall signs in the background.


The next group of photos are also from a 1989 video tape. However, these were at least taken during the daytime so the building is more visible. These store signs are in order, from left to right, going away from the main Service Merchandise entrance.


The following commercial aired in 1985:

The following news clips were about a "Magic School" that took place in Marketplace Mall in 1987 (poor audio quality):

The following newspaper ad is from October 1984.


Click here to view some merchandise for sale featuring the original Marketplace Mall logo.

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