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STM Club, Saturday Showboat & STM Showboat

Photos and description of STM Club courtesy of Mike Taylor

The STM club was a daily afternoon children's show that was produced by WSTM-TV 3 out of Syracuse, New York. The STM Club premiered in September of 1982 and continued through April of 1988. The characters on the show were Tim (Tim Mahar), Beth (Beth Sutton), Ms. B (Karrine Young) and Mr. Kretch (Charlie Hobart).

The STM club would show cartoons such as "Scooby Doo", "Tom & Jerry", and "He-Man Masters of the Universe" and also showed the "Three Stooges". It started out as a 60 minute show but then expanded to a 90 minute show towards the end of it's run.

The STM Club would feature segments for kids in between the cartoons, that were played by staffers from WSTM-TV. The "STM Club" would also giveaway prizes from their weekly drawings.

The photos of the STM Club characters were handed out at the WSTM-TV booth at the New York State Fair back in the 1980's.


The following STM Club commercials are from 1985 and 1986.

The next videos are the STM Club at The New York State Fair, and a clip from the show - both from 1985.

The following items promoting Saturday Showboat & STM Showboat are courtesy of Jason Beard.

Pictured below are the front and back of a letter and promotional card from the show.


Next up is an autographed photo of the infamous Salty Sam.


The rest of the pictures are scans from the "Saturday Showboat Good Times Book", which was made in 1980. This book featured many fun-filled activities, including instructions on how to build your own Chester Drawers puppet (wow, that thing is creepy, isn't it?). We also find out what NBC really stands for, Norman Bertram Cooper. The last image shows a "Good Times Shield", which is supposed to be worn on the chest to "save yourself from a pie in the face".


STM Showboat Video Clips

These first two clips are from June 1989 and are courtesy of Angela Wicks. Angela appeared on the show that day, so her family only taped the segments where she was on camera.

The next four segments make up a complete episode of STM Showboat from September 1990, including all of the commercials.

The next video is the last episode of STM Showboat from November 30, 1997.

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