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Episode 23 - Darin Scott & John Hamilton - Part 2 of 2

“Syracuse Nostalgia Podcast – Episode 23” is part two of a two part interview with veteran Syracuse area musicians Darin Scott and John Hamilton. They were both in the first known version of Belladonna, solo band of Joey Belladonna from Anthrax.

In this episode, Darin and John talk about touring with Belladonna (one headlining, one opening for Motorhead), recording the first Belladonna album and the events that led to the break up of the band.

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Episode 23 - Darin & John Part 2 of 2 (part one)Syracuse Nostalgia Podcast
00:00 / 42:56
Episode 23 - Darin & John Part 2 of 2 (part two)Syracuse Nostalgia Podcast
00:00 / 47:32
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