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Episode 12 - Joseph Driscoll

“Syracuse Nostalgia Podcast – Episode 12” features an interview with Joseph Driscoll. Joe is a long time Syracuse musician who pioneered the “looping” style that many artists use today. He lived in London for 10 years where he performed in many venues throughout Europe. He is now living back in Syracuse and was recently elected to the Fifth District Common Council.

Also in this episode Brian Hamilton, Bob Staffa and Zadoc Angell discuss their memories of Hafner’s Red Barn and winter activities in Syracuse.

The local song this episode is Joe Driscoll’s “Nomad”, from his 2006 album “Origin Myths”.

Episode 12 - Joe Driscoll (part one)Syracuse Nostalgia Podcast
00:00 / 19:49
Episode 12 - Joe Driscoll (part two)Syracuse Nostalgia Podcast
00:00 / 43:37
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