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Episode 19 - Dave Bullard

“Syracuse Nostalgia Podcast – Episode 19” is dedicated to the New York State Fair, and features an interview with the current Public Relations and Marketing Manager of The Fair, Dave Bullard. Dave talks with host Brian Hamilton about the past and present state of The Fair and discusses what goes on behind the scenes to put such an event together every year. Dave also talks about his time working for 62WHEN, WTVH Channel 5 News and WIXT Channel 9 News.

This episode also features the premiere of the ultimate (and also only) New York State Fair song, “Empire State Fair” by Wonderham! This song takes a humorous look at The Fair and is set to the tune of Jay Z’s “Empire State Of Mind”. The video for this song is posted below.

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Episode 19 - Dave Bullard (part one)Syracuse Nostalgia Podcast
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Episode 19 - Dave Bullard (part two)Syracuse Nostalgia Podcast
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